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Global and Community Engagement


The awareness of new strategies and policies that focus on universities and their role in the world economy has globally defined them as an integral part of solving life’s problems through the generation of knowledge and ideas.

Their role in contributing to global solutions requires Universities to produce graduates that are global citizens not only in participation but also in the transfer of skills and knowledge. To do this, focus needs to shift to international research in collaboration with strategic partners in terms of understanding global issues and knowledge. With the internet, the promotion and facilitation of academic, research and industrial linkages with other institutions internationally has been made easier. Global and international engagement constitutes the first objective of the Department.

A modern university today is expected to actively engage in dialogue with the society on topical issues in order to assist in the finding solutions to many of the societal problems. This Department is the window through which the institution engages with the external world in terms of public lectures, colloquia, debates, and discussions on one hand and social and cultural activities on the other hand. The department is expected to develop relations and dialogue with other Universities and Government institutions on many of these issues and to work closely with the external media to contribute on topical issues from an academic perspective. The second objective of the Department revolves around public and community engagement.

Previous Activities

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