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TVET Programmes and Partnerships

The precursor of TUK, the Kenya Polytechnic, was established as a technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institution and has been the premier TVET institution in this country for its entire period of existence.

On the elevation of the institution to a university college level, and a degree awarding institution, provision was made that the institution should retain its status as a TVET institution. The introduction of the degree programme was essentially to improve vertical articulation for graduates of TVET programmes who may desire to advance in their professions. TUK continues to perpetuate its mandate and tradition as a provider of training for middle level skilled manpower. In this respect, the institution intends to maintain its traditional role as the leading institution for TVET in Kenya.

The TVET office shall be responsible in the first instance for the strategic advice to management of TVET programmes. Further the office shall function as the liaison with the industry on matters of TVET and also with tertiary institutions such as the Technical Training Institutes (TTI’s). In collaboration with the quality management office, the TVET office shall also ensure that TVET programmes continue to meet the standards that meet the expectations of industry and other stakeholders. In order then to ensure the perpetuity of TVET programmes and in particular to ‘ring fence’ the programmes, it is proposed to establish a Board of TVET within the structure of the institution.

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